Privacy policy of website website seeks all available means to ensure the security of personal data of its users. It hereby informs its users on what users’ data can be accessible by our site,, and on the ways of use of the obtained information.

Information collection does not collect information aimed at identification of specific individuals. However, certain information about the users becomes available to in the process of the site operation and as a result of users’ interactions with its services. The list of information collected through the website and ways of use of this information are provided below.

Information provided directly by users website gives its users a possibility to receive free information on selected topics through e-mail. An e-mail address provided by a user is used by the site only for mailing useful information and special offers. At any moment of time a user can unsubscribe from such mailing, clicking a corresponding link, present in all the e-mails sent to users by subscription.

Information provided directly by customers

Making an order through website signifies your consent to the processing of personal data provided by you and their use aimed at providing you a range of services and/or provision to you of a purchased product.

Automatically received information automatically stores information provided by a user while visiting the site. This information includes a web-page request, an IP-address, a type of a web-browser and its language, a date and time of a web-page request. This information is used only for analysis and maintaining of high quality technical performance of servers and is automatically removed after 30 days.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small files which are usually stored at user’s computer until the end of the session, that is until a user finishes his/her work with a browser, and, in some cases, also beyond it.
When a user visits website, the site sends one or more cookie files to a user’s PC or other device.
Cookies are used:
– to facilitate the use of the site and improve quality of the provided services;
– to account for referral transitions as a result of an affiliate program work;
– for the analysis made for promotional/advertising purposes.

Use of cookies and other tools for promotional/advertising purposes website uses third parties’ services for monitoring traffic statistics, acquiring information on conversions, etc. does not collect data about certain users with the help of such tools and services; it only uses general statistics information about the site traffic and advertising campaigns efficiency. The list of third parties, used by site is provided below, together with the links to the privacy policies of those companies.

Google Analytics and Adwords, web-analytics service of Google Inc. company («Google»)

Google Analytics is a free web-analytics service of Google company that allows web-sites’ owners to learn how users interact with their pages. The data collection is held anonymously. To monitor visitors’ activities at a site Google Analytics uses its own cookie files. They allow to find out if a user visited the web-site before, from what site he/she came to the page and how much time spent there. uses remarketing function of Google Analytics. Remarketing in Google Analytics gives a possibility to make the users having visited the site once return to it, with a help of targeted advertisements placed at other websites. For remarketing a third party cookie Double click is used. With the help of this cookie remarketing is provided in context and media network in such products as AdWords. For instance, after visiting a user decided to visit a travel blog which is a member of AdWords. With the help of remarketing by Google Analytics he/she will be shown ads with a suggestion to use the flight search service

A user can disable cookies’ use by Google system visiting the “disable cookies” page.
To change or disable the use of Google Analytics a user can also use:

Google Ads Preferences Manager;

Google Analytics’s Opt out.

The description of advertising services of Google and documents on its use can be found at the following link, Google privacy policy is posted here.

Personal data

Your personal data including your e-mail address will not be given to third parties, affiliated companies and marketing services. This information, with your consent, can be used only by our company for marketing purposes.

Changes in privacy policy

Privacy policy can be changed. All changes made to this document will be published on this page.

If a user has any additional questions or concerns in regard to this privacy policy, he/she can address the administration of website by this e-mail: